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Why Property

Property is the most secure investment choice. Whether in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or Perth. The reason we favour property as the most secure investment class is backed below.

1. Control

A significant benefit of property investment is the control the investors have in managing their financial future directly - as opposed to shares or listed property trusts.

3. Tax Advantages

Investment property is a superior asset class that has significant tax advantages via negative gearing. This accelerates when combined with the depreciation of the building improvements.

2. Performance

Investment property has the ability to produce capital growth together with an income stream. This can also produce positive cash-flow over time when considering rental increases.

4. Security and Comfort

Bricks and mortar give all Australians an asset class they understand. The past performance of property gives us the comfort and security of not having to worry about any possible potential loss from our investment.

5. Demand

Even in the “worst” times of vacancy, the last 15-20 years have shown us that 95-98% of all property has been required to live in. Over the last 10 years, in most major Australian markets, an increasing deficiency of stock has demonstrated a 99%-100% demand for rental property, constantly pushing rental values higher and higher.

6. Certainty in historical data

History shows that property doubles in value every 7-12 years on average. This makes it an essential component of any wealth creation portfolio and a solid, safe investment choice as compared to shares or fixed interest, cash, international shares, and listed property trusts. 

7. Safety

People feel comfortable in property as it has the see, touch, feel, and feel factor. It's also a tangible asset.

8. All Property Is Good Property

All property will perform over the long term. On a long term “hold” with any property, it is difficult to lose money.

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9. Understanding

People understand property and the fundamentals of how it works which makes it such a popular investment vehicle. This is because we see and live with property in everyday life.

10. Population growth

With the population in Australia currently growing at its fastest rate: property demand will rapidly increase. With the current shortage of property, pressure on rents will also be increasing as we try to accommodate this growth.

11. The power of leverage

Banks and financial institutions offer greater lending for buying an investment property. In most cases, you can borrow up to 110% of the purchase price. This means you can borrow with many options yielding a higher return for your money.

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